A colleague of mine, Mayor Aina DeViet, Municipality of Middlesex Centre. sent along the following message and invitation.
“I want to let you know about an upcoming (virtual) event and would invite you to pass this invitation along to rural women in “your geography” who may be interested in attending. Whether they are already entrepreneurs, want to start something, or sit on your Councils and want to learn more, I encourage you to reach out to rural women in your networks and attend the conversation!”
This note is an invitation to YOUR VOICE MATTERS: A Rural Canadian Women Town Hall. On behalf of our panelists below, we would very much appreciate your attendance.
WHEN: Wednesday, April 27, 2022
TIME: 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.
My name is Shauna Rae and I’ve been interviewing rural women entrepreneurs from across Canada since the fall of last year, particularly women from minority groups, through my podcast Clearing a New Path™ . I’ve also been connecting with rural women entrepreneurs through my weekly newsletter.(You can sign up for the newsletter here.)
We’re coming together to talk about authentic issues facing rural women entrepreneurs and we’re hoping you’ll want to attend.
I know you have women entrepreneurs in your own community and holding this space, collectively, as rural and remote Canadian women, is powerful.
The goal is to unite as allies and to ACT, as one.
I’ve enlisted a graphic facilitator to visually capture the issues discussed.
As my company’s (Radar Media) commitment to the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Report, this event will also be an opportunity to fundraise for Kastoslote Elijah, an Indigenous teen who is deaf from Oneida Nation of the Thames. She won a scholarship to a university in Hawaii for art and Indigenous languages.
Shauna Rae