Every child matters. On September 30th, people across Canada wear orange and participate in Orange Shirt Day events to recognize and raise awareness about the history and legacies of the residential school system in Canada.

Congratulations to the local Better Together Circle (BTC) volunteers who hosted the community Orange Shirt Day on Friday in Lockwood Park, Westport. The gathering began with Elder Mireille LaPointe smudging for the participants while explaining the purpose of the smudge. There was much to do and see including artwork by Rideau Vista Public School students who were in attendance. Elder LaPointe closed the afternoon with a circle and finally with quiet reflection for the things we are grateful for.

Volunteers include Susan Withers, Lana Nolan. Yasmin Khan, Delvalle Dasilva-Lewis, Jayne Walker, and Sandy Prentice. Librarians: Vickie Stevens, Pam Stuffles. Beading: Maggie Stewart.

Hope to join you again next September 30.


photo by Marty Crapper.