Westport Beginnings

The International Buckle Factory was just one of the many factories and industries that were  prominent  in  the Municipality of the Village of Westport  during  the 1800’s and early 1900’s.  From Fredenburgh’s Furniture  Factory  (The Red  Mill) to sash and door factories, foundries and milling companies to other businesses  such as  jewelry  stores,  bakeries,  general  stores  and numerous hotels  whose   existence   proved  the prosperity  that   was Westport   at   the  turn   of   the   20th   century.  With   the decline in manufacturing through fires and financial hardships,  topped  off by the last  run  of the Brockville  &  Westport  Railway in the 1950’s ,  Westport now  exists  mainly as a  top-notch tourist destination in a  picturesque location, easily  accessible by  boat via  the Rideau Canal,  car,  and  air.

If you are visiting the village of Westport during the summer months, be sure  to  make  the  Rideau  District  Museum  one  of  the  stops  on your vacation.   Housed  in  a  former  blacksmith  shop, coffin and furniture manufacturer, boat and carriage works and residence, the building itself is brimming with history. 

Vintage Westport is presented by the Rideau District Museum. Check out their website or visit the museum in Westport.

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