I want to provide you with an update on the tendering for the Bedford St reconstruction.  The tenders were opened on July 8th.  On the advice of our legal counsel, Council decided not to award the contract for Bedford St.  The project is grant eligible until 2026 and will be re-tendered.  The work will not be proceeding in 2020.


Council is aware that some of you will be glad that the construction is put off to another year.  Others were hoping to get the job done this summer.  I cannot provide any further details on the “why” that you might be asking.  I can assure you that when faced with challenges, your Council asks itself  – “What is in the best interests of the Village”?  Our decision not to award the contract reflects the response to this question. 


We work for you and trust that you will understand the confidentiality required when we took this decision.