It has been a little over two weeks since the community began to pull together, putting strategies in place to slow the spread of COVID-19.  I am aware of the cooperation taking place to keep everyone in the Village safe as well as the “out of the box” thinking underway to meet these new challenges.   You make the Village safer and me very proud to be your Mayor.
We have seen extraordinary leadership from Tracey, Neil & Martha and Paul.  Early decisions were made by many businesses to prevent the spread of the virus – either by early closures or restricted access.
Essential services are keeping us provisioned and we are thankful to – Les, Paul&Marcia, Guy&Cathy,  Canada Post staff, Morgan, Frank & Steve, John&Cynthia, Steve, Tara&John, Doug&Susan, $store. The LCBO keeps us stocked. CRCHC takes care of our medical needs and Paul, Anne-Marie, Peter, Jamie and Brandon are keeping the lights on at Town Hall.
I also want to bring to your attention the support of three people that you might not be aware of.  Our Medical Officer of Health, Dr Paula Stewart, has answered each one of my many emails seeking answers to your questions. There are many municipalities in the tri-county area covered by the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark Health Unit. And yet she provides the information we need, often in the evening, telling me she is working long hours.  Thank you Dr Stewart.
Our MP, Michael Barrett reached out to me in early days and offered his support.  I have had to contact Michael several times and his responses have been prompt, accurate and complete.  Great working with you MP Barrett.
Finally, our MPP, Minister Steve Clark has been a workhorse.  With his dual roles – as our MPP AND as Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing – Minister Clark and his staff have been incredibly supportive and helpful.  All calls are returned quickly with the information we need to continue our planning in the Village. And to receive a phone call from Steve in the middle of busy days for both of us – just to check in – well, I think that says it all.  You are doing a great job, MPP Clark.
Despite the hard work to date, everyone needs to continue to keep our safety net around the Village and not drop our guard.  COVID-19 is spreading around us and we need remain vigilant.
On behalf of Jacky, Barry, Rob and Melissa, thank you everyone – for all that you do.
Call anytime – 273-9195