The Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit joined with the Champlain and South East Regions’ hospital Chiefs of Staff and Medical Officers of Health to release a statement about the status of COVID-19 in the area. The key messages are:
1. Get all COVID-19 vaccines you are eligible for, including booster doses.
2. Stay home if you are sick – even if your symptoms are mild.
3. If you have symptoms take a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) if possible, or a PCR test if eligible.
4. Practice respiratory etiquette (like coughing into your elbow) and wash your hands frequently.
5. Wear a well-fitted, three-layer mask in all public indoor settings.
6. If you are hosting or attending a social gathering please allow for physical distancing, outdoor gatherings are
7. If you test positive or have symptoms, even if they are mild, you should stay home for at least five days or as otherwise advised by current isolation guidance. Individuals can be infectious for up to 10 days, so it is important that for an additional five days you wear a mask when outside your home and avoid those who are most vulnerable and high-risk settings like hospitals and long-term care.
All the measures combined will help to reduce other respiratory infections, including influenza that is circulating in our community.
Read the full statement here:
• South East: Media Releases – KFL&A Public Health (
• Champlain: COVID-19 – Ottawa Public Health