I have received many inquiries since yesterday asking about the legislation as we move to “Green – Prevent” on February 16. Upon quick review, many of the requirements look similar to our “Green-Prevent” experience in 2020 including the numbers of people – inside/outside. I have attached the link to the legislation for easy access and you should refer to it to answer your questions. “Green-Prevent” is referred to as “Stage 3” in the legislation.


I bring to your attention that there is a requirement for a written safety plan and have cut and pasted it from the legislation.

Safety plan

3.3 (1) The person responsible for a business, place, facility or establishment that is open shall prepare and make available a safety plan in accordance with this section, or ensure that one is prepared and made available, no later than seven days after the requirement first applies to the person.

(2) The safety plan shall describe the measures and procedures which have been implemented or will be implemented in the business, place, facility or establishment to reduce the transmission risk of COVID-19.

(3) Without limiting the generality of subsection (2), the safety plan shall describe how the requirements of this Order will be implemented in the business, place, facility or establishment including by screening, physical distancing, masks or face coverings, cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and objects and the wearing of personal protective equipment.

(4) The safety plan shall be in writing and shall be made available to any person for review on request.

(5) The person responsible for the business, place, facility or establishment shall ensure that a copy of the safety plan is posted in a conspicuous place where it is most likely to come to the attention of individuals working in or attending the location.