Were you among the spectators at Lockwood Field last night to watch the performance of Taming of the Shrew?  Lockwood Field, once known as the Community Field, or simply The Field, has a long history of bringing the village together.  Picnics, school sports days, live theater, and entertainment has happened in that same spot for well over a hundred years, and the very first picnic ever held in Westport was held there on September 7th of 1870!


Next time you are enjoying an evening event at Lockwood Field, take a look at the silhouettes of the buildings that surround you, and you’ll be looking at almost the same view that would have been seen more than one hundred years ago, from the spire of St. Edward’s Church, to Knox Presbyterian (minus the bell tower), and even the old Rideau View Dairy.



 This School Fair Day was held on the Community Field, and the familiar spire of St. Ed’s Church can be seen in the background. You can also see the old Steele Brothers Theater, which was destroyed by fire in April of 1920.




 Games at the old open-air hockey rink were enjoyed by hundreds of spectators, and a hockey match almost guaranteed that most of the village would turn out to watch it.




 School Sports Days were held at The Field, and Knox Presbyterian Church still stands in the same place on its hill to the south. The bell tower is long gone, as it was removed after brutal Canadian winters took their toll.