In part two of “Now You See It”, we’re going to look at The Wardrobe Hotel (also known as The Wardrobe House, and for a brief period of time The Wardrop).  More information was given about the Wardrobe way back on Week Five when we discussed hotels of the village.

The Wardrobe sat snugly on the southwest corner of Church and Bedford Streets for many, many years and was a place to get a good meal, comfortable and clean lodgings, and maybe even a beverage or two.



 Now You See It ~ The Wardrobe Hotel. Circled in red, The Wardrobe can be seen across from the building which now houses the Westport Village Pharmacy.


 The Wardrobe Hotel was lost on a cold night in January, 1923.



Now You Don’t. After the fire that destroyed the Wardrobe Hotel in 1923, the face of Bedford Street was changed dramatically.   The service station on the corner of Church and Bedford (shown here in 1936) sits where The Wardrobe once stood.  That same spot would later be occupied by a string of different businesses and is the current location of Inger’s Boutique.