For anyone that ventured out during the snow storm this week, it was easy to see why it was considered one of the biggest snowfalls in recent memory.  Although storms in Canada are commonplace, our modern snowplows got everyone back up and running within a day.  Back in the earlier days of Westport, snow clearing took a lot longer, with many parking their cars and reverting to the horse and sleigh when the roads became impassible.  Below are three pictures of a snowy day on The Mountain, where the road might have been nightmare-inducing for those with bald tires and bad brakes.



Imprints on The Mountain made by horse and sleigh as you can see hoof marks between the tracks.



A snow-covered Mountain road is looking a tad treacherous as only a single set of tracks can be seen coming down the hill.



 Although still snowy, the road has been cleared, making way for an old car to (hopefully) make its way safely home.