Apparently Blair’s was your Turkey Fair Day Headquarters way back in 1909


Thanksgiving is here again and there’s no better time to share some turkey-related Westport nostalgia.


The Westport Turkey Fair (also known as Poultry Fair Day) was usually held in December and folks from far and wide would flock to Westport to purchase turkeys, chickens, and pretty much any other livestock that locals would feel like parting with.


The major buyers usually hailed from the U.S.A. and Quebec, as those from nearby refused to pay the high prices that were demanded at the sale.  In the early 1900s, turkeys would sometimes fetch the hefty price of 32 cents a pound, which is today’s equivalent of $6.75!!!!!


 Crowds gathered on Church Street for this Turkey Fair, circa 1909.




Breakenridge’s also thought they were the store that should be your Turkey Fair Day Headquarters in the early 1900s.