Need I say more.  We’ve had such great comments and so many views, that we are going to keep going with our vintage class photos of local students.  How great is it that the museum has so many great pictures of our children over the years!



“Westport School Fair (circa 1927) Junior Room Teacher Dara McFarlane later Mrs. Wilfred Rice (Pickles) ~ Some of the faces were identified in The Westport Mirror a few years ago: Back row from left: Norm Kane, Margaret Adams (banner carriers), A. Scott, (?) Chamberlain, Don H. (Lard) Green, (?), Orville Forrester, Jamie Breakenridge, (?) Anderson, (?) Anderson, (?), (?), Ted Adams; Middle Row: (?) Scott, Margaret Alfred, Verna Abrams, (?), (?), Edith McEwen, Jean McEwen, (?), (?), Charles or Ronnie Taggart; Front Row: (?), (?), (?), (?), Pauline Townsend, (?), (?) Tooley, Fern Stoness, (?) Anderson, (?), (?), (?).



 1925 picture of the Westport Continuation School – Read from bottom of picture up. Row 1: L. Dier; G. Green; E. Merkley; F. Truelove; H. Fraser; C. McCann; G. Scott; Row 2: E. Lyons; M. Merkley; M. Last; M. Last; M. Dier; N. Myers; B. Ewing; H. Porter; C. Henderson; Row 3: I. Sargent; V. Perry; G. Church; T. Abrams; C. Young; G. McKendry; R. Green; Miss H. Cork (teacher); Row 4: Rev. J. McKendry (principal); I. Hull; E. Dier; I. Kilpatrick; H. McEwen; H. Sawden; P. Atcheson; E. Henderson; M. Bresee; Row 5: E. Fraser; W. Dier; J. Porter; B. Palmer; A. Brash; Pansy Barr; E. Hully; C.J. McEwen; Row 6: J. North; A. Black; W. Derbyshire; A. Lee; Row 7: H. Goodfellow; R. Derbyshire; G. Wright; W.J. Coleman; J. Ewing; Picture and names were courtesy of Beulah Knapp



Love this photo! From the pages of The Review-Mirror, “A Mountain Group in the year 1932. Front row: P. Traynor (Brown), E. Norwood. Second row: K. Norwood (Adrain), P. Merkley (Nolan), K. McShane (Norwood), L. Merkley (Burke). Back row: R. Traynor, D. Norwood photo courtesy of H. & C. Merkley”