Last week we mentioned the fire that came close to the American House Hotel.  That would be the fire of March, 1923, which destroyed the Windsor Hotel along with a house to its north and two across the road.  The late Beulah Knapp (Palmer) was present at the fire and recalled the piano was saved from the flames, was rolled out the front door by helpful onlookers and sustained damage when it crossed the road.  Likely due to the brick construction of the Foley House and the stone of the American House, both of those buildings survived the north-blowing wind that might have otherwise destroyed them.

The Windsor Hotel, which was located just north of the corner where Rideau Street becomes Main, was destroyed in the fire of March, 1923.



The final in our series is the only one that still functions as an inn.  The Cove, located on the corner of Main and Bedford Streets was originally the home of local businessman and mill owner, William Fredenburgh.  Both the main inn building and the annex located across the street were constructed as private residences.  The Lexena Hotel (shown in the photo below from the 1930’s) was owned by Alex and Lena Brown and became the Tweedsmuir Hotel in later years.  Locals can still recall fond (and some not-so-fond) memories of “The Tweeds”, but stories still surface of the times that were had ‘back in the day’.  Now a charming inn with a reputation of fine dining, one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the glorious view of The Mill Pond which draws so many visitors to Westport year after year.


The Lexena became The Tweedsmuir and is now home to The Cove Country Inn