This week we’re looking at some vintage Westport photos of early transportation in the village.





Oxen on Church Street, circa 1910. This photo is from a 1989 edition of The Mirror, in which a couple of people thought they could identify some of those pictured. The team of oxen belonged to Barney Murphy. Alfie Bennett in the grey cap (uncle of Bruce Bennett), George Warren in black hat (relative of Ken Warren), Billie Smith who lived on the Delbert Adrain farm, Mike Bennett in black hat (Peter Bennett’s father), brothers Wilfred and Mike (driver) Murphy (sons of Barney Murphy). Mike was the father of Fanny Murphy.




 From a 1988 copy of the Westport Mirror, this picture shows Raymond Merkley, Norm Kane, Harold Merkley, Tony Farrell (photo was taken by Lloyd Merkley) with Raymond’s 1928 Model A Ford in August of 1938.



Coming down (or up) The Mountain in the 1930s. Who could ever forget the hairpin turn that used to be at the bottom until the 1980s or 90s.