Nell kept track of everyone; whether they lived in the village or were just passing through.  She also knew who was checking into Westport’s hospital, Mount-View.



Mount-View Hospital is shown at the left in this old photograph from the late 1890’s.



From cataract surgery to appendectomies, Mount-View was a convenient hospital that still stands on the edge of the Mill Pond.  Entries from Nell’s diary stated things like, “Mt. View Hospital opened for an Operation on Jimmy [Antwine] but through some misunderstanding it did not take place so Albert – a Orphan Boy was first & Wilfred Murphy & [Alphonnus] Thompson next” and,  “Jim McCann’s operation performed in Mount-View Hospital on March 17th 1912“.


Nell McCann



 Nell recorded Jim McCann’s operation in her diary, as well as the fire that destroyed his shop in 1920: “ Jan 18 At 6 A.M. James E. McCann Blacksmith Shop & supplies for Winter trade, also 2 Horses were burned – cold windy morning – J.F. McNallys house caught fire quite often.”  The remains of Jim McCann’s blacksmith shop can be seen in this photo from 1920.