The Village of Westport is conducting a review of the Village’s Official Plan as required by the Planning Act.

2023 Official Plan – By-law 2023-60 

                                                                               (Adopted by Council December 19, 2023)

What is an Official Plan?

An Official Plan is a policy document created under the authority of the Planning Act which provides a long-term planning statement of the Village expressed through a combination of policies and maps that provides guidance and direction for future development, land use and public infrastructure investment.

The Official Plan informs the public of the Village’s general land use planning policies and specifies how parcels of land may be used now and in the future.

Why review the Official Plan?

It is a requirement of the Planning Act that the Village review its Official Plan to determine whether updates are required to address matters of Provincial interest and to ensure that its Official Plan is consistent with policies of the United Counties of Leeds & Grenville Official Plan that came into effect in 2018. This review is also an opportunity to ensure that the Plan addresses matters of local interest.

The Village’s Official Plan has been effect since 2006. It is important that the Official Plan be reviewed to ensure policies are up to date, consistent with Provincial interests and reflect the current and future needs of the community.

Once the review is completed, the Official Plan will guide land-use decisions in the Village, including residential and commercial development, the type of housing forms permitted, density and intensification and infill standards, and how natural and cultural features will be protected.

Additional Information:

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing – Citizen’s Guide to Land Use Planning – Official Plan:

Citizen’s guide to land use planning: Official plans |

Village of Westport Official Plan:

 Current Official Plan                                      Official Plan Map

United Counties of Leeds and Grenville Official Plan:

Official Plan – Leeds & Grenville (

The Village of Westport is inviting the public to participate in an Official Plan review survey. The purpose of this survey to assist Council in understanding key issues and community interests which should be considered through the review of the Village’s Official Plan.

How to get Involved?

This webpage will be updated throughout the Official Plan review process and will share key information to keep the public and community stakeholders informed, including public consultation opportunities, copies of required notices, copies of draft Official Plans and maps and other important information.

If you wish to receive notification of future public consultation events and other matters related to the Official Plan Review, please contact the Village Clerk at the address below and request to be added to the project mailing list. Please also contact the Clerk’s office if you have any questions on the Official Plan review process.

Village of Westport

30 Bedford Street, P.O. Box 68

Westport, Ontario, Canada K0G 1X0

Phone: 613-273-2191