The Community Emergency Control Group met this afternoon to discuss the COVID-19 outbreak in Westport. The meeting included a briefing from Dr Paula Stewart, Medical Officer of Health for Leeds, Grenville & Lanark Health Unit.

This outbreak of COVID-19 requires measures to contain community spread and mitigate its impact on the community. One of the strategies is to reduce opportunities for people to gather. With this in mind, the CECG recommended that all municipal buildings in the Village be closed until December 21, 2020. I have issued an Emergency Order to that effect. The municipal buildings closed are Town Hall, library and community centre/arena.

Individuals also have an important job in containing the virus. Everyone needs to follow the basic public health measures including, continue to stay home when possible and wear a mask/face covering when out in public, practise physical distancing of 2 metres and wash your hands frequently.

Westport is a community of people related by kin and friendship who have worked together in the past to achieve our goals. There is no doubt that our common goal is clear – control the spread of the virus. We are stronger together – each of us performing our role to the best of our ability. This is a point in time when we need to believe in our strengths, support each other and remember to be kind.