The vaccine status report will be updated every Tuesday.


  • 86% of 18 plus in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark have first dose – 44% have 2 doses
  • 67% of 12 to 17 in Leeds, Grenville and Lanark have received first dose
  • Check out our vaccination dashboard – updated every Tuesday

Vaccine Shipments

  • Our vaccine allocations for July are enabling us to add additional appointments to our fixed site clinics and community clinics
  • Appointment Booking

    • All 12+ are eligible for first doses
    • All 12+ are eligible to book earlier 2nd dose:
    • 8 weeks after first dose of AstraZeneca
    • 21 days after first dose of Pfizer
    • 28 days after first dose of Moderna
    • More appointments available in all areas including community clinics
    • Book through the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark online booking portal or call Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Call Centre 1-844-369-1234
    • Pharmacies have both Moderna and Pfizer – find a participating pharmacy – some out of this area have AstraZeneca

    Cancellations, Contingency Lists, and Vaccine Receipts

    • Submit cancellation requests online
    • It is important to cancel as it frees up booking for others.
    • You can also find the contingency list for those who want to try to get their vaccine earlier than a booked appointment.

    Mixing Vaccines

    • Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) supports ‘mixing vaccines’ or vaccine interchangeability meaning you can receive one vaccine product for your first dose and a different vaccine product for your second dose to complete your two-dose vaccine series.
    • Moderna and Pfizer are both mRNA vaccines that work in the same way and are considered interchangeable.

    Reactions to Vaccines