Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit – November 30, 2021

Vaccination Statistics

  • We opened up vaccination to 5 to 11 year olds on Friday, Nov. 26, 2021.
  • For individuals 12 plus, our first dose vaccination rate was 94.3% last week and is 94.7% this week, and fully vaccinated rate was 92.2% and is 92.5% this week.
  • As of November 28, 2021 a total of 309,270 vaccinations have been administered in the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit (LGLDHU) region.
  • Our vaccination dashboard has all the details and will be updated again next Tuesday, December 7

Vaccination of Children Ages 5 to 11

  • An appointment can be booked at the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark online booking portal or call the local Call Centre at 1-844-369-1234 Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.
  • There will not be walk in appointments available during December; check back later this week for appointments opening up in January.
  • REMINDER: All local appointments are in the local booking system; and are NOT in the provincial booking system.

· A list of coming clinics is available on our website: https://healthunit.org/health-information/covid-19/protection/vaccine-clinics/

· Some pharmacies and health care providers will have vaccine for 5-11 year olds. Check a participating pharmacy here or call your health care provider.


· A dedicated page on our website provides information about the vaccine, how to prepare a child for vaccination, as well as answers to frequently asked questions. Visit https://healthunit.org/health-information/covid-19/protection/youth-clinics/ for more information;

  • Parents or guardians can also book a COVID-19 vaccine consultation with an expert through: https://www.sickkids.ca/en/care-services/support-services/covid-19-vaccine-consult/
  • Third Dose Information

    Please cancel a clinic appointment if you book at an earlier one. We can then make this appointment available to someone else. Cancel an appointment by filling out this online form

    Our local Call Centre can provide support for residents who wish to access their COVID-19 vaccine receipt.

    For more information on COVID-19 vaccines, visit the COVID-19 Protection and Vaccines section of our website.