Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit – December 7, 2021

Vaccination Statistics

  • For individuals 12 plus, our first dose vaccination rate was 94.7% last week and is 94.8% this week, and fully vaccinated rate was 92.5% and is 92.7% this week.
  • Vaccination rate for 5 to 11 is 16% with a first dose – 1892 vaccinations have been administered to date.
  • As of December 5, 2021 a total of 315,310 vaccinations have been administered in the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit (LGLDHU) region.
  • Our vaccination dashboard has all the details and will be updated again next Tuesday, December 14

Third Dose Information

  • On December 13th, individuals ages 50 – 69 (born in 1952 to 1971) will be eligible to book an appointment – A local pharmacy or doctor’s office is the preferred site for this age group groups to leave appointments open for 70 plus or 5 to 11 in our vaccine clinics.
  • Check our website for eligibility and Health Care Workers can check their eligibility here
  • Those eligible can get the third dose 6 months (minimum of 168 days) after their second dose – a date check tool is available just below the third dose eligibility information on our website.
  • We are encouraging everyone to check with friends, family and neighbours who are eligible for 3rd doses and assist them in making an appointment.
  • More information about boosters for other age groups will be coming in the next few weeks.
  • Individuals who are on dialysis are now eligible for a third dose as part of the primary series of COVID-19 vaccine. They can receive the third dose 56 days after the second dose at the dialysis hospital clinic.

Vaccination of Children Ages 5 to 11

  • An appointment can be booked at the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark online booking portal or call the local Call Centre at 1-844-369-1234 Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.
  • · A list of upcoming clinics is available on our website: https://healthunit.org/health-information/covid-19/protection/vaccine-clinics/

    • There will not be walk in appointments available during December; please keep checking back if there are no available appointments.
    • Some pharmacies and doctor’s offices will have vaccine for 5-11 year olds. Check a participating pharmacy here or call your doctor’s office.
    • If a child has symptoms or is getting tested, we advise their appointment be cancelled and rebooked for another day. Whether it is COVID-19 or not, the child is fighting an infection and the vaccine may not yield the best response.

    · A dedicated page on our website provides information about the vaccine, how to prepare a child for vaccination, as well as answers to frequently asked questions and information about issues like myocarditis. Visit https://healthunit.org/health-information/covid-19/protection/youth-clinics/ for more information;

    • Parents or guardians can also book a COVID-19 vaccine consultation with an expert through: https://www.sickkids.ca/en/care-services/support-services/covid-19-vaccine-consult/
    • General Vaccine Information

      • Individuals who would like to have the J&J vaccine must contact their health care provider for access to the vaccine.
      • Please cancel a clinic appointment if you book at an earlier one. We can then make this appointment available to someone else. Cancel an appointment by filling out this online form
      • Our local Call Centre can provide support for residents who wish to access their COVID-19 vaccine receipt.
      • For more information on COVID-19 vaccines, visit the COVID-19 Protection and Vaccines section of our website.