Please be advised that the Council Meeting on July 18, 2023, will be live streamed on the Village’s youtube channel.

The link to the channel is:

Village of Westport youtube Channel

The meeting commences at 4:30 p.m.  The Agenda package for this meeting can be viewed here:

At this time Council is open to the public in a limited capacity (maximum of 5) for in person attendance.  Contact the Clerk at: or 613-273-2191 ext. 102 to express your interest in attending in person.

To receive a Youtube notification when Council goes live you can:


  1. Subscribe to the Village of Westport’s youtube channel;
  2. Click your personal icon on youtube in the top right hand corner;
  3. Drop down the list to “Notifications”‘;
  4. Turn on “Subscriptions”.  This allows youtube to notify you when there is activity from channels you have subscribed to.