A friend of mine and her family live in a rural community and her RN daughter works in the ICU at a major city hospital.  She nurses Covid-19 patients every shift.   The daughter needs to decon when she leaves work and stays in self-isolation in another part of the residence.  The family is required to Face Time to chat.  Their new normal.  Such is the dedication and sacrifice of our front line health care workers.

This is the story my friend shared with me this week.

“The neighbourhood organized a tribute to my daughter tonight. At 8:30 as she drove along our road coming home from work she was greeted by cars, people banging pots and any noise maker they could find. Cars honking horns all along her drive in. People from the other neighbourhood roads drove to a location on our road where she would she them. I could hear her progression along the road by the noise.

She didn’t see a thing, but by the second group of people she clued in and barely made it home through the tears.  It was a complete surprise.

Other nurses she works with have been shunned in their neighbourhoods so we have kept where our daughter works quiet. Our neighbours and friends rose to the occasion tonight.” 

Front line health care workers are right in the thick of this war against the COVID-19.  Let’s not forget their courage fighting for our safety.  

We also have our own front line workers here in the Village.  We know who they are  They keep food on our tables, supply our medicines and provide us with many other essential services while protecting us and our homes.  When we are isolating at home, they continue to go to work each day. 
The bells at St Ed’s and St Paul’s will be ringing at noon Easter Sunday. (reminder that gathering in groups larger than 5 people is not allowed under the Provincial Emergency orders)  While the bells ring, let our own community rise to the occasion and pray or hold in your thoughts the front line – and recognize their courage and sacrifice.
Happy Easter.