Happy New Year.

The arrival of a new year typically results in reflections on the past and new beginnings.

Our village has experienced growth in 2023 and we welcome the new residents.  You have chosen Westport as your home, and you will find that we are a welcoming and kind community.  This growth has also brought forth a particular set of challenges, and Council continues to work with the developer and the community to find the balance.

Council and Staff set several policy development goals for 2023 and have successfully passed by-laws to implement them.  The policies include: updated Strategic Plan for 2023-2026, a new Official Plan, our first Comprehensive Communications Plan and a Class C Environmental Assessment Plan is underway.  Council also proposed and passed by-laws allowing refreshment vehicles into the Village as well as ATVs to use Village roads.  Council held 37 meetings, all open to the public, to debate and take decisions on these by-laws and many other important issues. All meetings are live streamed and recorded on the Village YouTube channel. I encourage everyone to stay informed on what business your municipal government is managing by watching the meetings.

We have exciting things planned for the Village in 2024, and we are committed to ensuring that Westport prospers.  Continuing to collaborate with residents, business owners and volunteers, who provide energy, ideas and perspectives, will move our community forward.

This work could not be completed without the professional and well researched approach of the Westport Town Hall Staff.  Thank you for your commitment and support.

We will be hosting our 6th annual New Year’s Levee on January 1st from noon – 2:00 p.m. at Town Hall.  Please join us for a visit with Council and neighbours.

Mayor Robin Jones and Council

December, 2023.

Happy New Year- Mayor Letter