For those who have questions regarding musicians performing in hospitality sector outdoor patios, I provide the following information. The wording in the Regulation is as #1 below – No dancing or singing may be permitted in the outdoor dining area (patio).

Earlier this week when I was made aware of this issue, I contacted Dr Paula Stewart, MOH for Leeds, Grenville & Lanark and requested if the Health Unit would consider providing guidelines so that singing could occur safely for the musician, staff and customers. The next morning. I was pleased to hear from Dr Stewart that the below guidelines had been approved.

Westport needs to give a shout out to Dr Stewart and all of the staff at the Leeds, Grenville & Lanark Health Unit as this is another occasion when, on behalf of the residents of the Village, I have contacted her or one of her staff for direction or a decision during the pandemic. Their responses have been quick and thorough. Thank you Paula and your staff!

Dancing and Singing

  1. No dancing or singing may be permitted in the outdoor dining area (patio).
  2. Instrumental music is allowed in the dining area as long as the musician is at least 2m/6ft away from another person, and people other than the musician do not play the instrument.
  3. For singing musicians, they must be 12 ft away from the dining area or behind plexi-glass, and no other people can be in the same area as the musician.