We are fortunate here in Westport that we have very generous people in the community who have the skills, equipment, supplies and are willing to take the time to make masks to assist us all in staying safe.

There is a current need for elastic as shown in the picture for our busy mask makers. Please email pmueller@villageofwestport.ca if you have elastic you are able to donate.

The masks come with the instructions (see below as well) and are available on a chair in front of Town Hall, Village Pharmacy as well as Kudrinkos. Please take what you need and if you happen to find one place is out of stock, call Town Hall at 613-273-2191 or email pmueller@villageofwestport.ca and we will do what we can to get you what you need.

As you may have heard, wearing a face mask helps to cut down the spread of COVID-19 according to our Chief Public Health Officr, Dr. Theresa Tam.

Mask Use Instruction:

Fitting The Mask: For best results the mask should be well-fitted and not gape at the sides

  • If you wear glasses, remove them – some masks have a metal nose piece that goes up
  • fit the elastics behind the ears with nose piece up and the bottom of the mask over your chin
  • adjust the nose piece by squeezing evenly to create a snug fit around the bridge of your nose
  • put glasses back on over top of the mask, this will help lessen fogging
  • avoid moving, adjusting or touching the outside of the mask as you wear it, it could accumulate virus

  • place directly in the washing machine or a bowl of soapy water for washing by hand. Wash the mask after every use. It is critical that used masks be carefully handled to avoid spreading infection.
  • wash your hands after taking it off and handling.

Please remember to stay 6 feet apart, wash hands frequently and wear a mask when you go out. These measures taken one in conjunction with the other will help keep our community safe.