We are so happy that you have either landed back in Westport or you are heading home!
While you have been away, we have been putting a safety net around our community. There is no reported case of COVID-19 in the area and we are working hard to keep it that way.
Self isolation for 14 days is mandatory when you return to Canada. We know how difficult that can be and the community wants to offer you help in a variety of ways. Paul Millar is our Volunteer Coordinator for COVID-19. (Thank you AGAIN, Paul!) You can email westportcare@gmail.com for assistance in getting the things you need from the store to your home. and other errands. There are many volunteers ready, willing and able to give you a hand and make your period at home less stressful.
Tracey Phillips and her mighty staff have another system in place that will assist you in getting your meds without having to go into the pharmacy. Please note the emphasis on not going into the pharmacy. Call the pharmacy if you need supplies and they will explain their system for taking care of you while you are in self isolation.
Neil and Martha Kudrinko and their hard working staff are ensuring that there is lots of food and other
sundries available . They have taken additional precautions in wrapping all of the produce to avoid additional touch points by shoppers as well as tightening up the deli area with prepackaged cold cuts to again, avoid unnecessary handling. Neil ensures that the carts are washed daily with power washer and bleach and a 4-hand washer station has been placed at the front of the store. You can call Kudrinkos and place your order, pay for it over the phone, drive to the lot, pop the trunk and have your groceries placed in your trunk. All this without having to go into the grocery store. Please note the emphasis on not going into the store.
I didn’t have the opportunity yesterday to confirm which restaurants in the Village are offering take-out. I will check it out today, however I also ask that people reading this blog will add that information – please ensure that it is current.
Town Hall closed as of this morning to walk-ins. Please call Paul or Anne-Marie at 613-273-2191 if you have any questions about municipal related matters.
Again, we are so glad you are home. Many of are feeling like mother hens, counting our chicks to make sure they are all safe and accounted for. (I bet you never thought your Mayor would refer to herself as a hen!!!).
Call anytime if you have questions or concerns. Be assured that we are a strong and well organized community committed to doing our part to slow the spread of the virus and keep all of our people safe. 613-273-9195