Lots of things disappear in a village, whether through progress, lack of interest, or the ordinary shifting of demographics that renders them obsolete. Today we’re going to look at three things that haven’t been seen in Westport for a very long time: Scott’s Ballroom that used to stand on Bedford Street at the site of the municipal parking lot, the cart races in the street of the 1960 Homecoming Week, and the old drive-in known as “Mountain View Drive-In Theatre”.

Homecoming Week was a huge deal in 1960, with fun (and sometimes dangerous) events such as cart races in the streets, water ski shows, and night-time pajama parades.

Scott’s Ballroom was the height of Westport activity for many, many years. Starting out as an open-air ballroom, it later was housed in a Quonset hut until it was abandoned and then demolished in 1997.

“Mountain View Drive-In Theatre” was the place to be for the movie-going crowds in the village.