Last week we looked at three things that you just don’t see anymore in Westport, like drive-ins, dance halls, and cart races.

This week, we’ll look at a few more pictures of other things that have disappeared off the Westport map.

Things we no longer see in Westport–the second floor of The Adams Block (later known as The Myers Block after the purchase in 1911). The top floor was removed in the 1960’s after a fire.

Things we no longer see in Westport–that little building beside the old Bennett’s Cosy Corner (that was, at one time, the old post office). In case you don’t remember, or it was before your time, the building was removed many years ago and is now the site of the lovely patio at Vanilla Beans.

Things we no longer see in Westport–we still have some of the best ice cream shops around, but I’m betting you’d have a tough time going into any store anywhere and finding yourself some “Gurd’s Dry Ginger Ale”, and perhaps a “Whiz Bang” for fifteen cents.