Waking up on this chilly October morning, I was trying to think of a blog post that was something a little different, that could be looked at for a while, and perhaps enjoyed with your morning cup of coffee. What could be better than some old class photos from the early years of Westport’s schools.

So we shall start out with an oldy, but definitely a goody. Here is a class picture from 1899 at St. Edward’s School. Try to imagine the excitement that might have been felt that day in school way back in the 1890s, when it might very well have been the first photo that these children had ever been in, in a time before everyone had a cell phone in their hands with the ability to take as many pictures as they want. (Note: because of the age of this photo, it can’t get any larger without getting a tad blurry)

Back Row (Left to Right) Tom Quinn, James Kearney, Don Bennett, James Garvin, Frank Quinn, John McCaffrey, ____, Edward Ryan, John Quinn, Frank White, James Hoban, Leonard White, Augustine Charbonneau, Clifford White, Roy Lilly. Fourth Row: Marcella Bennett, Teresa McCann, Katherine Quinn, Mamie Garvin, Nellie Bennett, Annie Boulger, Teresa Whelan. 3rd Row: Mary Burns, Jennie Hazelton, Mary Martin, Florence Fraser, Josephine Hickey, Ann Ryan, Lily Bennett, Anastasia McCann, Ida May McCann, Mary McCann 2nd Row: Mazie McCann, Minnie Flynn, Florence Coburn, Julia McCann, Mary Hoban, Sadie Hazelton, Mary Hearley, Beatrice Fraser, Della McCann, Birdie Mulville, Frances Coburn, Josephine Burns, Maggie Charbonneau, Mazie Renauld, Marguerite McCann Front Row: Ambrose Bird, Arthur White, Edward Bennett, Ambrose Bennett, George Coburn, Augustine McNally, Walter Whelan, John Coburn, Herbert Martin, Roy McCann, James Hazelton, Leo Bennett, Sylvester Renauld, Joseph Bennett, Louis McCann, Lambert Garvin, Edward Martin, John White, Michael Ryan, Francis Kearney

Another St. Ed’s photo, this one circa 1910.

Back Row (left to right): Reg Martin, Tom Garvin, Edward Ryan, Norbert McNally, Jerome Adams, Edward Mulville, Ambrose Garvin, Ambrose Mulville. Centre: Frances McNally, Kathleen O’Hara, Anne O’Hara, Sephronia McCann, Eva Coburn, Bertha Martin, Carmel Grennon, Marcella Carty, Lotttie Bennett, Lucy Kearney, Mary Mulville, Anne Bower. Front Row: Earl McNally, Arthur McCann, Deming McCann, Wilfred Tobin, Christopher McNally, Theodore Charbonneau.

And lastly, a 1907 graduation photo from St. Ed’s Continuation School.

Back Row: Joseph Moriarty, Jane O’Neil, Sadie Ryan, Anna Nolan, Margaret Scanlan, Marcella Donnelly, Robert Kane. Front Row: Julia McCann, Mabel Forrester, Mazie Renaud, Mazie McCann, Lena Tobin