Westport has always had an active fund-raising presence and community spirit. From work-bees to arranging packages to send overseas during The Great War (later known as WWI), the community has a tendency to pull together when it needs to, as well as supporting local artists, writers, and the like. Last weekend there was a fund-raiser for the library in the form of a Local Writers’ Showcase. This weekend the Westport Arts Council presents “All Things Bright and Beautiful ~ a gathering of quilts and quilters”. Over the years, Westport has gained the reputation of a bustling arts community that is home to countless artists, studios, and craftspeople.

When I talk about Westport on this blog, it is usually in the form of individuals and their accomplishments, events that happened on specific streets, etc., but this week we’re going to look at Westport as a whole.

The best way that I can think of to tie in community spirit and our wonderful Westport, are with photos taken of the entire village, whether it be from The Mountain, the Rideau, or across the lake. So as you look at the pictures of our town, whether you live in the village, near the village, cottage nearby, or visit us from far away through our blog, give yourself a nice little pat on the back to congratulate yourself on your great decision to become a part of the Westport community.

This old postcard shows Westport from the water – an unusual angle from the early days, as most village photos were taken from The Mountain

Westport from the highway – this postcard shows the village off in the distance as can be seen near the bend on Highway 42

An appropriate village postcard for a week where we are talking about Westport’s quilt show named “All Things Bright and Beautiful”. This colored postcard (circa the early 1900s) was taken before the Red Mill and The Wardrobe House were destroyed by fire.

If you are wanting to get in on the fun and take a look at hundreds of quilts in our local churches on Saturday, and support the Westport Arts Council at the same time, you can purchase your passport to get you admitted to the displays for $5.00 at The Museum.