Who doesn’t love looking at class photos from the last century? Hopefully not you, because here we go again!

Because The Rideau District Museum has a plethora of photos of citizens of the village from the 1900s, it seems a shame not to share them all on Vintage Westport. Even if you see yourself here, it isn’t because you are ‘vintage’, but because you were fortunate enough (or unfortunate enough, depending on your take), to have shown up on picture day when you were in school.

Westport Public School Junior Room, April 1948 Top Row: Myrtle Green, Evelyn Rice, Betty Anne Wing, Mary Goodfellow, Jill Roberts, Billy Laprade, Arlene Storms, Archie Rice, Ronald Neil, Howard Maynard. 2nd Row: Donna Storms, Margaret Stafford, Joan Anne Gordon, Anita Prevost, Weston Brash, Mary Forrester (Teacher) Front Row: Margaret Truelove, Iona Salter, Pat Arnold, Edna Russell, Kathlyn Stafford, Ronnie Menzies (standing)

Westport Public School – Year Unknown – Teachers: R.R. Andress, Thelma Abrams ~ Top Row: Hugh Chamberlain, Ron Abrams, Elmer Steele, Bruce Stoness, Jennie Green, Hilda Sully, Marjorie Derbyshire, Gladys Tooley, Lucille Vanderhoof, Glenn Reynolds, Floyd Snider, Harold Forrester. 3rd Row: Bill Stafford, Fred Stevens, Jim Genge, Phyllis Botting, Elva Botting, Marjorie Wing, Betty Anderson, Arthena Kimberly, Gwen Stoness, Garland Myers, _____ Kimberly, Bill Blair, Lawrence Derbyshire. 2nd Row: Jerry Marsack, _____, Edna Rice, Helen McMullen, Anne Dennison, Lorna Wing, Lettie Dennison, Lorraine Rice, Jean Salter, Lois Abrams, Lois Sully, Helen Green, Phyllis Green. Front Row: Neil Stafford, Billy Colles, Walter Green, Carl Brash, Eric Stoness, ____, Cecil Rice, _____, Dale Stafford, Delmar Darling, Reggie Wing.

And another picture of “School Section No. 6 at The Narrow – Picnic at the Lock, 1909”. From the pages of the Review-Mirror. Back Row: Alphonse Thompson, John Leo Kane, Bernard Kane, Gerald Thompson, Augustine Quinn, Alphonse Quigley, Teacher: Miss Margaret Mooney, Bernadette Thompson, Anne Quigley, Florence Kelly, Carmel Quigley, Carmel Grennon. Front Row: Ida Allore, Mary Quigley, Marcella Quigley, Edith Thompson, Marguerite McNamee, Helen Carty, Marie Carty, Josephine Troy, Emeron Quigley.