Westport, 1871 ~ from the Archives of The Rideau District Museum

Above is one of the earliest-known photographs of Westport, circa 1871. With open fields in the distance and Fredenburgh’s Furniture Factory in the foreground, many of our current landmarks are absent in this old picture. Prior to construction in (circa) 1876, the lot where W.H. Fredenburgh would later build his home on the northwest corner of Bedford and Main Streets stands vacant (currently The Cove Country Inn). The year following this photograph (1872), Hiram Lockwood would construct his general store (currently the home of Lower Mountain Mercantile).

The Red Mill, 1871 ~ from the Archives of The Rideau District Museum

A close-up view of Fredenburgh’s Furniture Factory (also known as The Red Mill) shows the industrious direction in which Westport was heading during the early years. The Red Mill was a sash and door factory which also produced high-quality furniture. Ideally situated along the shores of The Rideau, the goods produced at the factory could be easily shipped by boat to their destination.

Westport circa 1890 ~ from the Archives of The Rideau District Museum

With Lockwood’s store and W.H. Fredenburgh’s home now in place, this photograph shows a more recognizable view of The Village as it starts to take shape in the early 1890’s.