For those that are familiar with Westport, it sometimes seems that things tend to stay the same; the same wonderful shops, restaurants and landmarks consistently dot the landscape. However, during the early years, the face of Westport was changing frequently, mainly due to fires and new construction.

Take the north end of Church Street, for example. Right up until 1915 you could have a clear view of The Mountain at the end of that block.

Now You See It ~ The Mountain. Up until 1915 there was an unobstructed view at the end of Church Street.

Another view of The Mountain as seen from Church Street prior to 1915.

In 1915, The Myers’ Block was constructed at the end of Church Street on Bedford, and it was recorded in Nell’s Diary:

“Tea in aid of The Soldiers to be served in Myers New block on Sat July 17 1915. Opening of the new Block a very successfull Red Cross Tea Realized about $85 Sat July 17/1915″

Taken in 1927, the Myers Block can now be seen sitting in its rightful spot at 14 Bedford Street, with a now-obscured view of The Mountain in the background.