Recycles for Thursday, May 25th will be OTHER, glass, metal and plastic.

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A progressive people-centred community that enhances the quality of life for its residents and visitors.


Providing services that promote a friendly, safe, and sustainable community which reflects the needs of all of those who work, live, and visit the Village of Westport.



Through honesty and openness we earn the trust of the people we serve.


Committed to keeping the public informed about Town Hall activities.

Community Engagement

Community engagement is foundational to the safety and sustainability of our community; people are the backbone of Westport.


We adhere to a high standard of excellence.

The Village of Westport is one of the most beautiful towns in Ontario, rich in heritage, culture and people.  It is crucial to continue building a sustainable community that attracts residents, businesses and visitors.  The strategic initiatives in our plan are designed to target five specific areas; town aesthetics, infrastructure, services, business, and recreation.  These initiatives serve to enhance the strengths of the Village, and capitalize on emerging opportunities for growth while countering present and future challenges.

Srategic Plan Final Draft